First Trading Pairs on MAGA

On MAGA's first beta version, we will have the following inaugural trading pairs, each offering unique opportunities and representing key sectors of the Argentinian economy. These assets will be paired against USDC, allowing for up to 10x leverage in trading.

YPF (YPF Sociedad Anónima)

YPF, listed as YPF on Yahoo Finance, is Argentina's leading energy company, playing a pivotal role in the exploration, production, refining, and marketing of oil and gas. It's a vertically integrated company, significantly contributing to the Argentinian energy sector. YPF's performance is closely tied to the country's energy policies and global oil prices, making it a dynamic asset for trading.

Telecom Argentina (TEO)

Telecom Argentina, trading as TEO on Yahoo Finance, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Argentina. It provides a wide range of communications services, including telephone, mobile, internet, and television. The company's performance is an indicator of technological growth and consumer trends in Argentina, offering traders a chance to invest in the country's tech and communication advancements.

Banco Galicia (GGAL)

Banco Galicia, found as GGAL on Yahoo Finance, is a prominent private-sector bank in Argentina. It offers a broad spectrum of banking services to individual and corporate clients. As a key player in the financial sector, Banco Galicia's performance reflects the economic climate and financial health of Argentina, presenting an opportunity for traders to engage with the nation's financial dynamics.

Water Stock (NQH2O)

Water Stock (NQH2O) represents a unique asset, focusing on water resources. It's an index tracking the performance of companies involved in the global water industry, such as water utilities, infrastructure, equipment, and technologies. This asset is particularly relevant given the growing importance of sustainable water management and the increasing value of water as a resource.

Trading on MAGA

Each of these assets presents a unique opportunity to engage with different facets of the Argentinian economy and beyond. From energy and telecommunications to finance and sustainable resources, traders on MAGA can leverage these assets up to 10 times, providing a powerful tool for capitalizing on market movements and trends.

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