Detailed Tokenomics of MAGA Token

MAGA Token Supply and Allocation

The MAGA ecosystem is underpinned by a fixed supply of 19,200,000 MAGA tokens, all of which are minted at once. This limited supply ensures scarcity and potential value appreciation over time. The allocation of these tokens is detailed in the following way:

  1. Bootstrapping LP & Liquidity (23.70%): A total of 4,550,400 MAGA tokens (23.70% of the total supply) are allocated for bootstrapping liquidity. This allocation is crucial for ensuring sufficient liquidity on decentralized exchanges (TraderJOE).

  2. For Team (14%): 2,688,000 MAGA tokens, representing 14% of the total supply, are reserved for the team. These tokens are vested linearly, aligning team incentives with the long-term success and development of the platform.

  3. For Liquidity Incentives (15%): 2,880,000 tokens, which is 15% of the supply, are dedicated to liquidity incentives. This allocation is designed to reward users who provide liquidity, enhancing the depth and stability of the market.

  4. For Marketing and Growth (22%): To fuel the growth and outreach of the platform, 4,224,000 MAGA tokens (22% of the total) are allocated for marketing and growth activities. This fund is key to expanding the user base and increasing platform adoption.

  5. For Partnerships (15.30%): With 2,937,600 tokens (15.30% of the total supply), this allocation is earmarked for establishing strategic partnerships.

  6. Plunge Protection MAGA Vault (10%): A strategic reserve of 1,920,000 MAGA tokens (10% of the total supply) is set aside in the Plunge Protection MAGA Vault. This fund serves as a safeguard to stabilize and protect the token’s value during market downturns or unexpected events.

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